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What is inside your Tennis Bag?

Like other sports, tennis itself is a sport for both mind and body. It helps players to learn coordination between their hands and eyes. This sport improves your decision-making skills, thus making you think strategically. Players will learn to make quick decisions which will lead them to victory. This sport will keep you in good shape and health with rigorous lower and upper body movement. Moreover, tennis teaches you social skills, especially when playing doubles; it promotes teamwork. 

Why Tennis? 

While there are many other sports out there, what is the specific reason to play tennis? Well, there is not a single reason but many. Here is why you should prefer tennis over other sports:

  • You can have fun sports without injuring yourself
  • The best way to relieve your stress is by hitting the balls as hard as bad your day was at work
  • Whole-body of the player is in constant motion, hence ideal physical fitness
  • Tennis can be played both indoor and outdoor all around the year
  • This sport not only strengthens your body but also sharpens your mind and decision making skills

What gear do I need to play tennis?

After deciding the sports to play, you need to figure out the essential gear required for a Tennis game. You have seen professional players going for tennis holding big backpacks with them. You might have wondered what they keep in those bags. Well, it is time to unpack and discover what’s inside a tennis bag!

  • Racquets

The primary and first tennis equipment is pink tennis rackets; you cannot think of playing the game without a pair of these. Your racquet should have good performance, sturdy grip, head size should be sufficient, and you should be able to handle it perfectly. The important thing is, always keep a pair of the racquet in your backpack. In case strings of one are damaged, you should have a backup. 

  • Tennis Ball

It is as essential as the racquets. Keep a pack of tennis balls with you or at least 2-3 balls in your backpack. Although you would be given tennis balls for the match, it is good to keep your balls. You can bounce off the ball on the wall when your partner hasn’t arrived yet. 

  • Clothing

Keep an extra pair of tank and skirt set in your backpack. Changing the clothes during the tournament can help you get rid of sweat and stink and focus more on the game. 

  • Towel

The towel can be handy to wipe off sweat from your face during short breaks. This will freshen you up and make you think of your next move or strategy, and make you more determined in winning the game. 

  • Skipping Rope 

Do you want to warm up even before the match starts? Skipping rope for 5-10 minutes will help you warm up your body and loosen up your muscles. This will make you ready for the big game. 

  • Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water during breaks. It elevates your level of energy and ensures optimal performance of your body.