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8 Great Ways To Kids Excited To Play Tennis


“Before kids can play like a pro, they must enjoy playing the game like a kid.” - Steve Locher.

It can be challenging to get someone hooked on your favorite sport, especially when it comes to kids. And if you love tennis, it’s only natural that you want your kids to learn to love the sport. That’s probably why you are here reading this.

No kid wants to be pushed into liking something, so you need a subtle approach to get them out on the court having fun.

Here are a few ways to get them excited about tennis.


Bring Them to the Tennis Court

Bring your kids to the court and let them get a feel of the energy. It would be even better to let them watch kids their age play so they can visualize themselves playing tennis, too. You don’t want to stay for hours and hours at the court. But 30 minutes will work wonders.


Play With Them 

Sure, tennis is a sport with rules, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your kids. Play with them and hit a few balls back and forth. You can even start playing catch and throw with the ball before adding rackets into the mix. Then, you can try other ways to make things exciting based on what constitutes as “fun” for your kid. Once your child starts equating tennis with fun and good times, they will become more inclined toward playing the game.


Reward Them After Games

Reward them, whether they're playing well or having a tough time. Rewarding them encourages them to do better and imbibes confidence in them. Pair it with words of encouragement to assure them they’re doing great. The rewards can be simple, like taking them on an ice cream run after tennis lessons.


Sign Them Up With Professional Coaches

Though it is fun to play with your kids, if you’re not a seasoned player, there’s only so much you can teach them. Hype them up about learning how to play correctly by signing them up for coaching. Professional coaching makes the game more fun, and it also teaches them new skills and techniques to win the game. In addition, it helps them develop a competitive spirit and healthy sportsmanship.


Sign Them Up For Summer Camp

An even more fun option than getting a personal coach is to have your kids participate in summer camp or group lessons! They’ll have fun hanging out and learning with other kids their age, plus they get to make new friends they can play tennis with.


Take Them to Watch A Junior Tournament

If you feel like your kiddos are interested in tennis, taking them to watch a tournament at a local club is a great way to show them what competitive tennis looks like. Make it a fun experience, too! Make them guess who will win or what the final score will be. Let them get food from the stands and just enjoy the matches. Who knows, they might be inspired to take on tennis competitively.


Watch Impressive Tennis Plays on Youtube Together

Nothing inspires like watching the greats play. So hopping on to Youtube and watching the “Top 5 Best Drop Shots” will have you and the little ones amazed. Videos like these are short, and the plays are pretty impressive, so keeping their attention won’t be a problem. It can also be very inspiring for young ones who want to be just as good as the pros.


Get Them New Tennis Equipment

Kids love new things. Nothing makes them happier than receiving something brand new, something that is truly their own. There’s nothing like that feeling of excitement when you receive a gift.

There are a lot of different things you can get them, but here are some top suggestions:

  • Their own tennis rackets (For those who love pink rackets, we've got some on hand!)
  • Tennis apparel like new shorts and a jersey for boys, cute tennis dresses for girls
  • A portable net that they can use on the driveway so they can play street tennis
  • New tennis shoes
  • Tennis bag for their stuff
  • Tennis accessories like wristbands, hats, sunglasses, etc.

Get them any of the above, and your kids will definitely appreciate the gift and be more than excited to play tennis.


Final Thoughts

Though it’s great to push your children to do their best when learning tennis, they still are just kids. And the best way for kids to learn is by having fun with what they’re doing and getting excited about it.

As they get older, they will get more serious about it, and as a bonus, your kids will always have these fond memories of tennis and how they got started with it.

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