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Tennis outfits for Girls

People often ask, is tennis a women's sport or men's? It is a gender-neutral game that both men and women can play. It was originated in Britain and was first played by Victorian ladies and gentlemen. Back in the 12-13th century, it was first played with the palm of hands and was known as the 'palm game'; later, it evolved, and racquets were used in place of hands. Now, there is the International Tennis Federation, which has its rules and regulation abided by international players at tournaments. 

Requirement for Tennis

Tennis is a cheap game compared to other similar sports. You will need only a pair of rackets, a ball and a tennis net on the tennis court. You should know the rules and how to play the game to play like a pro. 

There is no specific uniform for playing this game, but there sure is a dress code that should be kept in mind while playing tournaments. Girls' outfits are a lot different from boys' outfits; we will discuss how. 

Tennis Outfit for Girls 

Tennis outfits are aesthetic, and women slay in those outfits along with giving their best in the game. A classic dress for tennis players is a pleated skirt which is pretty common. As fashion progresses, countless designers are creating new skirts and shorts that are both functional and classy. A cropped tank top, sweater on the shoulder, pleated skirt, tube socks, and white sneakers complete your first tennis look. Let us discuss various other types of tennis girls apparel that you can slay in for your next tennis match:

  • A sweatshirt coupled with a skirt is an excellent combo to go.
  • If you want to protect your arms from intense sunlight while playing outdoors, an entire sleeved top will be an intelligent choice.
  • The jumpsuit can replace a classic tennis skirt and make you look more appealing.
  • Polo buttoned shirts are a good choice too. 
  • A sleeveless tennis dress is a good choice for off the field.
  • You can alternate between classic pleated skirts the sporty skort.
  • Sports glasses, white sneakers, and a hairband complete your overall look. 
  • Cotton T-shirts with an adorable print on the front can work with skirts. 
  • The maggie dress is an excellent choice to complete your look on the tennis court and golf course.

Many famous brands such as Polo, Nike, Lacoste, Gucci, etc., are creating fantastic tennis outfits that you will love. 

Why should Girls play tennis?

Tennis is the most convenient sport to play. Girls can play it all year round, indoor or outdoor there is no restriction. Some women prefer to play alone without a teammate, and tennis is an ideal sport for that. You can play it in singles or doubles. Tennis is not an expensive sport; you need a pair of rackets and a tennis ball. Almost every town has tennis courts where you can go, pay and play. 

Tennis is a full-body exercise sport and helps ladies ton muscles; it is mentally challenging and develops decision-making skills in them.