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All you Need to Know about Badminton Net

A Badminton net is a rectangular net placed in the center of the badminton court. The badminton net is held by the two poles of specific height and length. This net is the central element of the game, and the opponent players play on either side of the net. They hit the shuttlecock with the help of handheld rackets above the badminton net. So, the badminton net is an integral part of the game. 

Significance of Badminton Net

This rectangular net is in the middle of the badminton court, and the shuttlecock flies from one side to the other by the opponent players. They have to keep the shuttlecock above the net to score a point. If one player fails to return the shuttlecock above the net, a point goes to the opponent player proving the significance of the badminton net in the game. 

Although novices play badminton without the net, if you want to play at a higher level and compete best players, it is advisable to play on the court.

Structure of Badminton Net

It is a rectangular net held by two large poles on either side. These poles are movable, and the position of the net is adjustable. Badminton net stand keeps the net steady. But only having a badminton net is not enough. It has specific dimensions which are followed. The first thing about its size is the length of the net. Usually, the length is precisely 6.1 meters or 20 feet, to be exact. The Badminton court for doubles also has a similar size. 

The top of the net is as high as 5.1 feet, making 1.55 meters. Measurement of height is from the ground to the top of the net. The net itself has a height of 2.6 feet. 

The court is 16.5 feet long, and the net is stretched across the middle of a badminton court. White cloth of 75mm is on the net between its lower and upper height, thus creating a barrier to stop the shuttlecock and grant a point to the opposite player. 

Nylon is the primary material of which the whole net is made. Sometimes only its net is made from nylon material. The cable or cord running the rectangular length of the badminton net is made from nylon or steel. The top chord is covered by white tape, again made from nylon or steel. 

Interestingly, the high-quality nets are made from steel, while the low-quality ones are made from nylon. 

Types of Badminton Nets

Three types of badminton nets depend upon where it is being played. These three types are:

  • Indoor badminton net
  • Outdoor badminton net
  • Portable badminton net

Indoor nets are easy to set up as compared to outdoor nets. The poles of these nets need to be inserted into the ground with the help of stakes. While a portable badminton net stand is movable compared to the other two, you can take it anywhere you want.