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I Got Skillz

Training Program

How Does The Program Work?

This is an online video program, broken into easy to understand modules. Each module contains 2 videos made up of various tennis games & exercises that you and your kids can play right in your driveway.

The goal of each module is to teach your child a specific set of skills helping them build the fundamentals needed to play tennis, while developing other skills needed to play any other sport.

Skill Goals For Module 1

  • Move with balance from side to side & front to back
  • Balance the ball on the racket standing still and then moving
  • Show a ready position to catch the ball in a cone or with both hands

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Skill Goals For Module 2

  • Move and change directions with small steps
  • Role and bump the ball with both sides of the racket
  • Toss and receive the ball using bilateral coordination

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Skill Goals For Module 3

  • Control two balls at the same time while moving your feet
  • Control the ball with a small low to high swing
  • Make one or two steps to hit a ball and recover

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Skill Goals For Module 4

  • Balance your body while moving and jumping in different patterns and directions
  • Feed in the ball and control the racquet to hit a short and deep ball
  • Hit an underhand serve and have a four shot rally

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